Radio-Controlled Simulation

Spektrum RX2SIM - detailI use a Spektrum DX9 transmitter to Fly RC models on my computer. The connection between this transmitter and and USB port is achieved wireless by a RX2SIM Wireless Multi-Sim Adapter (USB2SYS) from RCware  together with a Spektrum AR610 receiver. For RC simulation of helicopters I using the HeliX  simulator and for Airplanes I use Aerofly RC8.

Simulation Software

Aerofly RC8: Youtube: watch?v=TxKbFo85qD0


Flying in Aerofly RC7 with ME109 at Bennet Flying Field Nevada


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General Aerial Concepts Belgium, Patric Dietvorst
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    General Aerial Concepts Belgium, Patric Dietvorst
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    Here I will add some links to where I buy my stuff. This does not mean these web shops are “the best” or “the cheapest”. I just would like to add some links so you can visit and decide for yourself if you would like to buy or not.


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    General Aerial Concepts Belgium, Patric Dietvorst
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    I started to add modification information, tips, and tricks, additional photos, videos, and construction reports.

    When you click the menu " Tips Tricks" you will see a clickable list appearing with the Modification, Tips Tricks pages. In the future, I will add more and more of these information pages. If you click a category in the sidebar the information pages and posts with that category will be listed.

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    If you like that I create an information page concerning one of the mentioned mods in the Posts, please make a request at the bottom of this page. I will try to make the information page and will put your request on my priority shortlist.

    Please be patient, because I’d rated be flying! Patric Dietvorst Aerial Concepts Belgium Member of the Lier Aviation Club


    General Aerial Concepts Belgium, Patric Dietvorst
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    Welcome to the world of Radio-Controlled helicopters and airplanes. A wonderful hobby! For some years now, I fly with RC-helicopters and airplanes. I like to modify and build scale RC-models. I particularly like the technical challenges of improving and developing some "aerial concepts"   to obtain a better, safer, and reliable working RC-model.  Here you will find some photos and information. Videos are added to my YouTube channel. Some interesting links are added if you like to learn how to fly or learn more about RC aircraft or pilot systems and aerodynamics. I also like to fly on my computer on an RC flight simulator or with a generic flight simulator with my Oculus Rift in Virtual Reality. I hope to add more videos, construction reports, tips, and tricks in the future.




    Have fun and a safe flight!
    Patric Dietvorst
    Aerial Concepts, Belgium

    Member of the Lier Aviation Club
    Zuut 2500 Lier, Belgium


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