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Fun Cub Led Strips - detail

In daylight, you can improve the visibility of an aircraft by using different colors or patterns on top of the wing versus the bottom of the wing. But when sunlight is limited in the morning, in the evening, when it is heavy clouded or there is some fog all colors faint and become gray or black.

Because the battery for the Fun Cub is 3S you can use the balancer connector to get approximately 12 Volts. led strips are available in multiple colors.  I have used short strips with 6 Led green, red, and white to create navigation lights left, right, and in for of the wings. The cables are hidden in the wing with a small cut in the foam and can follow the main spar. Central you can use some simple connectors so you can keep the wings removable. You can cover the electrical wiring with a transparent white tape.

Finally, you have to protect electrical connections and the led strips against humidity. I have used a transparent shrinking tube and used a plastic coating spray from Kontakt Chemie to cover the PCB components.