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P-47D Aspire Sound Unit - detail

Tested the MrRCSound Aspire module with one TT25 installed in the foam battery compartment of my B-17G Flying Fortress. First I have tested the Aspire Sount Unit in the B-17G with a single Engine file of a 9 cylinder Wright Cyclone motor

Because the Multi-engine sound files of the 9 cylinder Wright Cyclone motors are not available at this moment, I have used the Multi-Engine sound file for the Consolidated B24 Liberator with 4 14 cylinder radial Pratt & Whitney motors.

And also because the TT25 was very hot I have mounted a cooling element on the element and modified the audio output of the Aspire card at about 75 %. Still, the sound pressure is very high, measuring about 97 db A at 1m. The test was successful. I'm satisfied with the result.

More information about this Aspire sound card and TT25 transducer you will find on the website of MrRCSound and in the RCgroups.
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