T-28 Trojan

T-28 Trojan side - detail

T-28 Trojan bottom - detail

T-28 Trojan front - detail

The North American Aviation T-28 Trojan is a piston-engined military trainer aircraft used by the United States Air Force and United States Navy beginning in the 1950s. Besides its use as a trainer, the T-28 was successfully employed as a counter-insurgency aircraft, primarily during the Vietnam War. It has continued in civilian use as an aerobatics and Warbird performer. The FMS 1400mm T-28 Yellow Navy Trojan V4 is a warbird with gentle flight characteristics and can be used as a RC-trainer plane. Equipped with shock absorbing oleo struts, servo less retractable landing gear, working full size flaps, bright LED navigation lights, scale details like chrome spinner and landing gear doors, secure ball links on push rods, multi wire connector allows quick disconnect of wires for easy wing removal.


Modified landing gear, low bounce bigger tires, soft springs, use 4mm Align feathering shaft for vertical axle in nose wheel, added Rare-earth magnets to reinforce the closure of the cockpit. Used different types of weathering techniques to improve the look of this model, used black trim line tape. Used airbrush techniques.  Oracover ironing film on top of the foam to change the look of the model. .Added my own Decals inktjet printed on Testors White Decal Paper. Finished with a gloss IR and water-resistent varnish. Added a Spektrum Airspeed pitot-tube, voltage and Flight power telemetry. Put in a Spektrum 7 channel RX with AS3X technology. Used a separate UBEC from Castle Creations and an Optipower Ultraguard battery with fail safe switch PCB.

Aircraft Characteristics after Modifications

Scale: 1/8.6
Wing Span: 1,4 m
Length: 1,2 m
Flight Weight: 3,1 kg
Wing Aera: 31 dm2
Wing Loading: 100 gr/dm2
Wing Cube Loading:  WCL 17,9
Power: 4S 3300 mAh
Motor: 1x 4258 KV650 Outrunner
Propeller 1x 13x9 3-blade
Stall Speed: 45 km/u
Sound Pressure: < 85 dB(A)/7m


Recently I have added a MRRCSound Aspire sound module with T-28 sound. See recent photos and video hereinafter.