MPX Fun Cub

Fun Cub front - detail
Fun Cub back - detail

Started flying again with RC planes (after some 20 years) with the Multiplex Fun Cub. One of the first great things about this plane is it’s 55 inch size (1.4m). The wings come off and on in about 2 or 3 minutes.  Simply plug in your servo leads, and screw in the two nylon screws and you’re ready to go.  The plane is very versatile and perfect for just about any field. It takes off in a few feet. Landings are easy with or without using the flaps.


Changed the look of this plane with Oracover ironing film on top of the foam. Cut more than a hundred separate squares of Oracover film. Add extra suspension on the Landing gear. Relocated a Flap Servo to save an RC channel. Lights to fly in the evenings or with some fog. Installed Spektrum airspeed, voltage, and flight power telemetry. Installed Spektrum 9ch with AS3X technology RX.

Test aircraft

This aircraft is in service since 2016 and flew the most flying hours of all my airplanes. I use this plane now to test new setups, flying modes, and electronics. In 2020 I have tested the new spectrum receiver AR6610T together with the HobbyEagle A3 Pro and the A3super 3, and specific flying-modes to takeoff, cruise, and landing.

Aircraft Characteristics after Modifications

Wing Span: 1.4 m
Length: 1.1 m
Flight Weight: 1.3 kg
Wing Aera: 30 dm2
Wing Loading: 43 gr/dm2
Wing Cube Loading: WCL 6,0
Power: 3S 2200 mAh
Motor: 3516 KV840 Outrunner
Propeller: 1x 13×4 2-blade
Stall Speed: 27 km/u
Sound Pressure: <50 dB(A)/7m


Fun Cub – A good Center of Gravity
Fun Cub – Improve the In Air Visibility
Fun Cub – Ironing Film for a Better Look
Fun Cub – Reinforce the Landing Gear