B-17G Flying Fortress

B17-G Flying Fortress 1
B17G Flying Fortress 2

Second World War Bomber B-17G based on the silver version 2 from HobbyKing with a 1.85 m span. This plane is called “Little Ukkie” and is based on “Chuckie” and “The Short Arm” both planes witch flew In England 1944 with the 486th Bomb Group from the eight Air force, This aluminum colored plane with the Victory sign on the wings bombed strategic sites in Germany and in northern France before D-Day, and after 6 June 1944. The 486th Bomb Group is part of the 834th Bomb Squadron and lost no aircraft or personnel on its first 100 missions. Probably because the allies reached total air superiority over Europe middle of 1944.


Used different types of weathering techniques and used Oracover ironing film on top of the foam to change the look of this model. Added instrument photo and 2 pilots inside the cockpit and a Norden Bombsight and interior photo in the chin turret. Modified landing gear with other tires. A retractable rear landing gear. Added Spektrum airspeed, temperature ESCs, flight voltage, and power telemetry. Installed Spektrum 9 Ch with AS3X gyro technology RX. Used a separate UBEC from Castle Creations and an Optipower Ultraguard battery with fail-safe switch PCB. Installed a sound module Aspire from MrRCsound with two TT25 transducers and the B17 Multi-Engine Sound to maximize the allowable sound pressure to 84 dBA at 7m distance.

Aircraft Characteristics after Modifications

Scale: 1/17.3
Wing Span: 1.85 m
Length: 1.4 m
Flight Weight: 4,0 kg
Wing Aera: 47 dm2
Wing Loading: 85 gr/dm2
Wing Cube Loading: WCL 12.4
Power: 3S 4400 mAh
Motor: 4x  KV850 Outrunner
Propeller: 4x  10×7 3-blade counter-rotating
Stall Speed: 40 km/u
Sound Pressure: < 85 dB(A)/7m


Spektrum – Meaningful Telemetry for Airplanes
B-17G – Aspire Sound Unit Test