MPX Glider

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The Multiplex Heron is a high-performance electric glider with its efficiently designed t-tail, four-flap wing and streamlined fuselage bring precision to a broad spectrum of flying. Whether you enjoy lofty thermal soaring, high-speed aerial adventure, or spirited aerobatics, the Heron delivers the flying experience you crave. Its four-flap wing is equipped with an innovative CFRP/Aluminum tubular spar technology for extreme rigidity and stabilization, setting an entirely new standard for the 2.4-meter wingspan class. The glider has ultra-efficient brushless motor, servos, servo extensions. Designed of resilient Elapor® foam with a folding propeller, detachable wings, and tail wing for easy transport and stylishly designed cockpit with a clear canopy.
7 Control Functions: 2 Aileron, 2 Flaps, 1 Motor, 1 Elevator, 1 Rudder


Used Oracover ironing film on top of the foam to change the look of this model. Improved the smoothness of the wing edges and surfaces. Installed a Spektrum 9 Ch with AS3X gyro technology RX (3-gyro rate mode implemented) and voltage telemetry with voice alarm on the TX. Modified the canopy to contain the Spektrum Telemetry Vario and Altitude meter (voice and sound status in TX), Airspeed meter, Battery Voltage, Receiver Voltage, and Antenna performance (A, B, L, Lost frames, and Holds) for data logging in the TX.  Configured 5 flight modes and 3 extra switchable mixes (Due to the software limitations of the AS3X receiver I had to use the Flaperon setting in the Receiver and 10 extra mixes in de Transmitter). A Take Off Mode (elevator a bit up), a Landing Mode (split throttle >50% a motor curve with Elevator compensation, <50% a Crow -Butterfly- setup with Elevator compensation), a Cruise Mode (with main trim settings) a Thermal Mode (the 4 flap surfaces a bit down -camber- and a relative Elevation trim), a Speed Mode (the 4 wing Surfaces a bit up -Reflex- and relative Elevation trim) and extra mixes for Full Span Ailerons (Aileron to flap mix), an Aileron to Rudder mix for more turn Coordination (easy to overrule manually) and Snap Flaps (some Elevator to Flap mix in Thermal mode).

Aircraft Characteristics after Modifications

Wing Span: 2.4 m
Length: 1.1 m
Flight Weight: 1.4 kg
Wing Aera: 41 dm2
Wing Loading: 37 gr/dm2
Wing Cube Loading: WCL 5.3
Power: 3S 1350 mAh
Motor: 3516 KV850 Outrunner
Propeller: 1x 12x6 2-blade folding
Stall Speed: 9 km/u
Sound Pressure: <50 dB(A)/7m


See also the screenshots of the AS3X receiver setup and photos of the DX9 transmitter setup with 10 mixes at the bottom of this pages in Photos.


MPX Glider Polar - detailMPX Glider Thermal - detail

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New season, new looks. Modified by ironing (at low temperature) with transparent fluo red Oracover film.

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