P-47D Thunderbolt

P-47D Thunderbolt - detail
P-47D Thunderbolt

WW II Warbird Thunderbolt P-47D from Eflite with a bubble canopy, olive green with D-day stripes on the bottom. A fighter aircraft produced by the United States between 1941–1945. Its primary armament was eight .50-caliber machine guns and in the fighter-bomber ground-attack role it could carry five-inch rockets or a bomb load of 2,500 pounds.


Bigger wheels and modify landing gear inclination to make it plane suitable for grass fields. Added Spektrum Airspeed, voltage and Flight power telemetry. Put in Spektrum with AS3X technology 9 channel RX. Added some extra carbon rods in fuselage and wings after a small crash (wingtip stall). Used different types of weathering techniques to improve the look of this model.

Aircraft Characteristics after Modification

This Aircraft is put out of service after many flying hours. It made room for the bigger P-47D Razorback “Flying Floris” also on this Website. After recuperation of spare parts this plane was shredded.


P-47D – Weathering to get a Better Look
P-47D – Modify the Landing Gear for Grass Fields